Book your haven of pure relaxation in its most majestic form.


In the beginning there was light. Warm, radiant and cleansing light, evoking a meeting with the Sun. This light, focused and infused atop an imposing hillside in Mykonos, originated an elevated retreat where modern wanderer finds serenity, where Man meets his Gods. 

A sanctuary that ignites a sun-drenched ritual, a reconnection to nature, a celebration to life. Raw, pure, eternal.

At the edge of an imposing hillside above Elia Bay, on a land protected from the high winds and drenched by the sun, a mystical sanctuary arises. 

A place where the essence takes back the center stage, that its name gets inspiration from the ancient Greek gods: Panoptis Escape, a name that commands a temple where one sees it all, where Man meets his goals, Life is celebrated, Light dominates.

Α place where the sunrise becomes a personal meeting with the Sun and the sunset is a daily celebration of silence. 

Panoptis Escape beckons your wandering spirit to a place where time stops and serenity reigns, crafting a brand new, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Immerse into a sanctuary where one meets their deepest needs in respected intimacy, where life’s real essence is inspired by laidback luxury and silence is celebrated. 

A blissful sanctuary of raw
yet mesmerising beauty, where one can meet their gods.

Escape to a world where pure natural elements and authentic, artisan-crafted experiences, luxurious amenities and unparalleled personalized services, blend so seamlessly that redefine the true essence of luxury.

Offering more than luxury and privacy, Panoptis Escape epitomizes a different perspective to life, a land where man reconnects with nature, oneself and their loved ones. A land where happiness and own Gods can be found.

Follow the sun to a getaway where light dominates and new perspectives to infinity arise, in a fine collection of boutique villas wrapped up inside a marvellous estate with 360 views to the glimmering Aegean Pelago.

Meet the sun in Panoptis Escape. 

Where Light

Here the land is chosen by Sun. It is ruled by it. From dawn until dusk, its dazzling light is here to guide and console and to be the trusted companion in everyday adventures.