Welcome to Panoptis,
the latest once-in-a-lifetime experience crafted by the Myconian Collection.

One of Jupiter’s names.
Where the first part of its name translates as "where man meets his gods",
Panoptis Escape more than lives up to its ethereal philosophy of pure relaxation.
This extraordinary ensemble of boutique villas overlooks
the turquoise Aegean Sea and tranquil expanse of Elia Beach below.

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A private celebration of
laidback luxury on the serene
southern coast of Mykonos.
A blissful sanctuary of raw
yet mesmerising beauty,
where one can meet their gods.

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the rituals

Inhale freedom, exhale love.

Explore the countryside on horseback,
or cruise around the coast and rocky bays on a private yacht.
However you decide to
fill your days and nights here,
Panoptis Escape will take care of every
unforgettable detail.

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the tribe

This is the place for the modern
traveller, the daydreamer, the one who
seeks true experiences, authentic people,
tailored services, unique products,
a home away from home.
The Panoptis Escape people follow
one simple, yet ethereal philosophy:
that of pure relaxation.

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the artisans

Experiences crafted by
the most qualified team of artisans.
In this journey for the mind and the
senses, you won’t be alone. The Artisans of Panoptis Escape will make sure that each and every one of your everyday experiences will be anything but ordinary. Expect a service as warm and personal as it is laidback and discreet.

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the origins

Immerse yourself in greatness. Embrace the purity of pilgrim life while finding yourself at the top of Mykonos, the hippest of Greek islands. Simply relax in one of the small collection of spacious, luxurious villas and drift off in your own infinity pool. Or find your sun-soaked spot on the fine, golden sands of the cosmopolitan Elia Beach.

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the estate

Panoptis Escape is an extraordinary ensemble of boutique villas that overlooks the turquoise Aegean Sea. From its exclusive, hilltop position, surrounded by the wild, natural sun-caressed beauty of Mykonos, this island sanctuary promises absolute serenity in every sense. Think soft breezes, soul-affirming views, mesmerising sunsets and exceptional service. Bound by imaginative contemporary architecture, minimalist styling and artisan craftsmanship, everything about Panoptis Escape is the definition of “less is more”.


Live your truest life in all its glory.
Be one of us. Join the Panoptis tribe.