Book your haven of pure relaxation in its most majestic form.


Embark on the Journey to cherish for a lifetime.
Follow the path to reconnection at Panoptis Escape.

Experience collector, spectacularly wander or deeply redefine your own truth in a world so uniquely above anything ordinary and terrestrial, yet above and beyond the definition of luxury. Embrace the purity of authenticity and pilgrim life at the top of Mykonos. 

Allow your physical nature to be spoiled. Let the luxurious amenities, unparalleled comfort and personalized services elevate your cravings. 

Fear not, soul remains clean and pristine in this spiritual expedition. 

Let your eagering spirit harmonize with the Panoptis Escape philosophy, that is beyond pure relaxation. Tune in with pure connection with nature, epitomizing energised relaxation.

Live your truest life in all its glory.

This is the place for you who seek something more, for the selective ones that have their own definition of luxury and do not see gold in all that glitters.

This is the place for you who desire to experience the natural, unexplored aura of Mykonos and appreciate the unseen. 

This is the place where services are true to the ones that serve and to the ones being served.

This is the place where silence can be literally heard. Emotions, too. 

This is the place where the clarity of serenity rings true.

This is the place for the limitless explorers.

This is the place where one becomes truly himself.

Join the Tribe.