Book your haven of pure relaxation in its most majestic form.


A private celebration of laidback luxury on the serene southern coast of Mykonos.

Pristine and beautiful, Elia beach is a long stretch of fine golden sand kissed by the shimmering Mykonian waters. Far-reaching, wind-sheltered and scenic, it is a favourite for all kinds of travellers, perfectly combining all styles of beaches one can find in Mykonos.
Partly covered with sunbeds and umbrellas and partly free of beach facilities, partly naturist and partly Rainbow-flagged, Elia beach makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Set above the pristine Eliabeach in the southern coast of Mykonos

Within a short walking distance from Panoptis Escape, guests have the pleasure to enjoy their own piece of Elia beach. A private, serene shelter, literally unspoiled, where one can find their inner nature in its purest forms.

Zooming out from Elia, Mykonos reveals. An iconic island escape, a whitewashed wonder, the quintessence of travel dreams inspires exhilarating moments and builds one-of-a-kind memories. This world-renowned, cosmopolitan and fashionably laid-back destination has a strong, understated personality that is actually revealed in its true extent to those who wish to conceive it.

A getaway to nature, calling visitors to get wonderfully lost among secret, low-key gems of unprecedented beauty infused with the authentic Mykonian aura. An aura that few can identify and appreciate deeply. Beyond the pleasures of a Dionysian revelry, Panoptis Escape boutique villas collection, incites you to embrace the ambience of pilgrim life, sense the relaxing pulse of a land true and unspoiled, genuine and exciting, opening pathways to the soul. A land more natural and earthy, inspiring to breathe freely, deliberately remote.

A land truly welcoming to those who seek it.